JaWU Live normally means for us in playing as singer-songwriter band: 3 musicians, 2 voices, 2 acoustic guitars. In this constellation we already played support acts for the multiply awarded band Del Castillo (Texas, USA) and Julian Dawson, UK singer-songwriter with more than 20 albums, who produced BAP legend Wolfgang Niedecken’s unplugged solo album “Zosamme alt”  in 2013.

What the audience says so far about JaWU music:
“They don’t sound like X. They have their own style.”
“It’s great singer/songwriter quality.”
“Their songs are a kind of laid back indie chansons.”
“Their lead singer Janina is fabulous. She is very flexible with her voice.”

What the band members say:
“After we found us on the 5th of November 2011, we have been enjoying each day of our music life although we live in 3 different places and often only rehearsal each of us alone or via skype, phone or with the help of audio files sent around.”
“There is deep musical and spiritual kinship between us 3.”
“While playing live we often recognize that the audience is listening in a very silent way. Then we feel they are in our music.”
“Especially women seem to like our music but we wouldn’t go so far saying it’s female music.”