We do not want to confuse people too much as we live in a music industry world where all musicians and bands are categorized in tight genres. Once in a drawer it is extremely difficult to go other paths.

Anyway, we write the music that slumbers in us. Links to our different styles [always with audio files]:

  • Singer-Songwriter
    Most of the songs of our first 3 years as author team originated in this genre. This kind of music is the one we normally perform on stage.
  • (Electronic) Rock
    We are about to publish an EP with 4 songs that talk about a girl in an insane relationship with a diabolic boyfriend which leads to that she kills him, gets lost in a dream about how the relationship could have been before she strands in a big city as homeless.
  • Pop (English)
    Recently, we wrote a song called “Song for children” which is dedicated to all kids in the world living under horrible conditions. It’s our hymn for a better world. “If only I knew” (The German version is called “Kein Blick zurück”) is pure up-tempo dance-floor.
  • Pop (German)
    German pop has become much better over the last years in general. We also like this genre when good lyrics meet nice music. Here is one of our examples in this category “Bring mich heim” (Take me home). “Kein Blick zurück” (The English version is called “If only I knew”) is pure up-tempo dance-floor.
  • Classic
    Our friend Fernando del Valle is a professional tenor who cannot perform anymore on the big stage because of an eye disease. But we like to try out songs with him. Here are some examples like “Farewell my love”, “Tame the tenor” (pop meets classic) based on Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” or “Still life”.
  • Jazz
    This genre is quite new to us but inspiring. So we wrote “Jazzy day”.