In September 2015 we released the EP “Black Roses”:

  • Black Roses
  • Cold Revenge
  • Close (The Dream)
  • Big City

You can listen to the songs here

The album tells the story of a girl in an insane relationship with a diabolic boyfriend (Black Roses). To overcome she kills him in rage (Cold revenge). After the killing she gets lost in a dream about how beautiful the relationship could have been with him (Close – The Dream). In the last song she strands as homeless (Big City). But the end is open. She asks: “What about life? What about love?”

Although JaWU are positively thinking people looking always for the good in all being we recognized that working at this album brought forth some deeper layers of our personalities showing the downside of humanity. According to this, we musically discovered a completely new style for us using electronic music with (partly) heavy beats combined with acoustic guitars and Janina’s incredibly flexible and strong voice.


Our former album “A Bit More” is a double cd. The second contains live material.